If you are asking the question “How can I get rid

of bacterial vaginosis?” because the condition is worsening over time, you are

one of the many thousands of women who simply cannot seem to shift to

condition at all. For some, bv miracle is nothing but a fleeting inconvenience and they can give a sigh

of relief when it disappears as quickly as it came.

In some women, there are a number of

underlying causes of BV and they often find that repeated antibiotic

prescriptions and over the counter remedies simply do nothing in the long

term. Sure, they do give some symptomatic relief as they temporarily kill off

the harmful bacteria causing the symptoms but the real problem lies with the

fact that whatever caused that bacteria to grow in the first place is still there-

ready to resurface once the antibiotics have finished working. Indeed, many

women find that the antibiotics become less effective with each dose as the

body becomes accustomed to them and BV seems to get worse over


So, for those wondering “How can I get rid of

bacterial vaginosis?”, the steps required as as follows:-

* The elimination of the root causes
* Dietary supplementation to boost the immune system
* The killing off of harmful bacteria
* The enhancement of the beneficial bacteria in the vagina
* Symptomatic relief

Although this might not sound as simple as

taking antibiotics, the truth is that it isn’t! If you want to be sure you can get rid

of bacterial vaginosis you need to be prepared to put some effort in. In the

long term, this is worthwhile as if you do not treat BV promptly, you run the

risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and even infertility.