A health issue that can impact literally everything you do in your daily life is excessive sweating in the hands or sweaty palms. This condition is also known as iontophoresis machine. It is believed that almost 1 % of US population has to deal with this problem.A very high level of activity in the sympathetic nervous system that controls the hands and feet is considered to be responsible for excessive sweating in hands and feet.A top treatment for this problem is Endoscopic surgery. This process involves operating the nerves by making an incision in the chest. The relevant nerve is either clamped or removed permanently to prevent sweat triggers from reaching the glands in the hands. But this is an expensive treatment and cannot be afforded by all. For long tern relief from sweaty palms this is the best known option.

Another well known method that is gaining popularity is iontophoresis. This method works really well to get rid of sweaty palms. In this method exchange of electrical charge between water and your skin takes place. This exchange process leads to thickening of skin in your palms and closure of sweat pores.This process is done using a machine which has a small water tank to immerse your hands and feet. Mild electrical current is passed through the water to facilitate the exchange of electrical charge. This technique is initially used for 7 to10 days continuously. Later you will have to repeat the treatment once every 10 days. You can self administer this treatment by buying the machine.A third option that is proven to get rid of sweaty palms for a period of six months is botox injection. This treatment is moderately priced. The injection needs to be repeated after every six months to keep sweating under control.